Photograph with light

Quite simply light is photography without light photography would not exist

Quite simply light is photography without light photography would not exist, so it is imperative that we train ourselves as Photographers to recognise good light if you don’t know how to find good lighting then the most amazing pose could be lost if captured in poor Light.

When taking posed images there can be no excuses at all for photographing in good light as we are in control of the situation, it may be that the bride and groom wish to have a photograph taken in front of a particular building but the light is poor in this instance, our skill as professional wedding photographers is to create good light via flash video lights or reflectors.

Working in direct sunlight can be problematic for the amateur photographer, harsh light cangenerally unflattering light that can highlight any flaws in a person skin when the powerful light can render shadows under people's eyes noses and chins, unless you pose very carefully in addition it can make exposure difficult if the Bride is wearing a bright dress and the groomer dark suit exposing, an amateur is more likely either to blow the dress out or block up the blacks in the groom when posing.

The photograph in this article was taken at a lovely venue in Bath, you can see how I used the harsh sunlight for this wedding photo to enhance the scene.

Your Professional photographer is in control and can of avoid this situation either by shooting in open shade or working with the bride and groom in the direct sun to produce stunning Photographs, he may even consider using fill flash.

I absolutely love working in Bright summer days as I personally love the colours and contrast that the sun can produce, wedding photography Bath and the surrounding countryside has some incredible venues, where the weather doesn’t affect the beauty of your wedding photos and your wedding day, my personal advice to the Bride and Groom is please don’t worry about the weather, enjoy your wedding day.

Look for good light and your photo's will shine