Professional Wedding photographers out of date, improvements in technology with cameras, made
the need for a professional at your wedding not important

Are Professional Photographers a thing of the past

I was reading an article last evening where the question was asked “are professional photographers a thing of the past?” it then went on to talk about the huge improvements made in technology form the latest IPhones that capture amazing images the Samsung S6 that fires a burst capturing images and then you select the best form these.

I absolutely love technology I am always looking out the latest lenses cameras and appreciate what technology provides us with!

However then I looked at some of the work of these professional world renowned photographers and their work form the war photographers, landscape, wildlife through to Wedding photographers.

When you view their work there was something within that image that drew you into the photo they had a connecting with the object, the person, the landscape etc. this connection, emotion was captured within a millisecond.

With all of today’s technology and the improvements that continue to be made, I firmly believe that there is a connection between the photographer and what he/she views through the lens, experiences and then this emotion is captured into that image.

Therefore with all of today’s technology with all the improvements made within the latest cameras iPhones and equipment, there is nothing that will ever duplicate the passion the anticipation and the connection between a professional photographer who loves his work and the image that he’s capturing.

Will professional photographers ever be a thing of the past absolutely no and that’s why you need to think about who you book when you’re securing your wedding, portrait photographer to capture these photos because nothing can ever replace this passion

You won’t go wrong with a professional Photographer