Michael Gane has been Photographing Wedding’s throughout Somerset and internationally for
over 30 years, and has worked with companies such as HELLO Magazine, Disney, Sony and Sky Sports.

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Introducing Michael Gane of thefxworks

Reportage Wedding Photographer; documentary style Wedding photography based in Somerset, near Bath

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Michael & Tracy's Story:

Michael and his beautiful wife Tracy, attend your wedding. They’ve been working as a team, filming and photographing weddings for many years. Tracy adds the feminine touch to the finer details and always ensures the brides dress, makeup and hair are looking beautiful during the photocall. She also ensures the bride looks gorgeous for the romantic images.



”Michael has an amazing eye when it comes to documenting wedding’s through reportage photography” quote by Italian Bride Magazine.

Michael Gane and his photographic images have featured in many articles throughout the world. Read his latest article published in Fuji Magazine, just click the button below.

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Michael believes that every couple should have the opportunity to have a professional wedding photographer record their wedding day. He also understands that everyone has a different budget, so he has put together a pricing structure to cover every budget.


Reportage photography is all about capturing the story of the wedding. Michael goes about his work unobtrusively photographing the emotion, capturing the fun and true detail of the event. Michael is a true artist; he understands the art that is necessary to document the wedding day.

Real wedding reportage photography is about dissolving into the background and not impacting on the guests; the images his clients receive are incredible.

Michael will quietly and skillfully capture images throughout the day. The only time he displays his natural ability to stage shots will be should you wish to have a small selection of formal groups. (Michael recommends no more than 5 to ensure you spend as much time enjoying your day as possible) Naturally, if you wish to have any impromptu images during the day….., you only need to ask.

“I love to spend a little time with the Newlyweds to capture their image’s away from the guests. I work together with my clients, ensuring the photos are natural. If you love beautiful, natural and not pre-contrived photograph’s, then my photography is for you. I make no apologies when I say those unnatural, at times embarrassing poses are not part of my technique.”

If you want absolutely stunning images that tell the story of your wedding, (as one couple was quoted as saying) ”if he’s booked on the date of your wedding, change the date”

Michael’s passion for photography continues in his day to day life having five children.

I absolutely love taking photos of people but also things in everyday life that capture my attention, also living in this beautiful county of Somerset provides wonderful scenery for Landscape Photography especially in Somerset where there are amazing hidden gems just on our doorstep.

Of course, many will tell you that style is paramount, this comment is true when considering the finished Photography. However, if your speaking in terms of how he or she captures those images then the wedding photography is absolutely about your style. That’s paramount, not the photographer’s style, it has to match you as a couple, you must feel confident and at ease with your wedding photographer, then your personalities will shine through.

That is what distinguishes Michael from many photographers and can significantly enhance how you feel on your wedding day and your photographs.

Michael’s style is influenced considerably by magazine photography. It captures both light and life without over-editing—feeling that when a photo is taken with passion, it powerfully translates into the final image.

Indeed, photography is a powerful medium of expression and communications, which is perfect for capturing those little moments of your big day.

Michael has come to creatively take Photographs which have been published and quoted as very much Magazine style, capturing light and life, “I am not a fan of the over-edited images. I feel that when a photo is taken with passion, this transfers itself onto the image, the fads with over-editing can very much date your photographs however a beautifully created photograph will always be a beautifully created photograph!

Michael has photographed many celebrities throughout his career including, Billy Ocean, 911, Bewitched, Jenson Button, Connie Fisher’s Wedding, The Prodigy, Gaz Coombes (Supergrass), Paddy Brennan’s Wedding (Gold Cup winner) at Sudeley Castle. He has also provided his imagery skills for many major companies such as Disney, Sony, BP, Halfords, Coca Cola, and Sky Sports.

Four years ago, Michael had the incredible privilege of shooting Connie Fishers wedding in the Vale of Glamorgan with Hello Magazine and meeting many West End celebrities and TV/Film stars.

Michael has been Photographing weddings with the art of Wedding Imagery throughout the UK and abroad (Tuscany being a favorite location) for 20 years. Photographing the exuberant celebrity weddings through to the quaint family wedding in quiet little villages.

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“Close your eyes for a moment and think of a magical moment from your past, now try and think how wonderful it would be if you could hold onto this image, well this is exactly his skill, taking those moments for you to re-live always.” Italian Bridal Magazine

Photography captures within a millisecond so many emotions—the feelings of the photographer transfer onto the sensor. I shall be choosing one image each month to add to this page, it could be anything from a landscape to a wedding photograph; I do hope you enjoy.

Bath wedding photographer Michael Gane has been a keen photographer since his early teens. Somerset and its surrounding countryside are perfect for your wedding photographer Somerset and internationally, lives in Beckington close to Bath in the heart of Somerset.

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Michael Gane, Providing Outstanding Wedding Photography in Somerset, Bristol, Bath and throughout the South-West